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In the past 11 years V2 become one of the leading Wedding photography company in Asia. In 2011, V2 has established over 23 branches over the world and providing services to over 150,000 clients.

As the leading photograph brand, V2 has a team is dedicated in constantly developing new concepts and presentation methods, to offer his clients the world class and the latest in Wedding Photography.

You may also recognize V2 Photography from various TV shows, interviews. V2 style has been described as funky and modern with ‘fun’ the key element.

Being able to connect with people and understand want the really what defines a good photography. We bring out the best in our client to create genuine and nature images- the real you.

V2 photographers will capture all the amazing moments of your special day.

The V2 Team- The entire V2 team will make you feel welcome every time you call or stop into our office. They have all been trained to be the V2 standard- The best in the industry.


V2视觉外景婚纱摄影机构是中国最早的专属外景婚纱摄影企业,公司在国内率先开创了W.P.T. (Wedding Photo in Traveling)旅游婚纱摄影新概念,令结婚现象出现不同以往的形式。这一概念掀起了结婚风潮的大变向,旅游婚纱摄影一时间成为新人争相选择的结婚形式。公司由此利用网络推广,成功的将W.P.T.迅速推及世界各地,同时也受到了业界的肯定和效仿。

W.P.T.旅游婚纱摄影新概念之所以受到很多人的喜爱和接受,除了本身所具有的旅游与婚纱摄影同时参与的双重魅力之外,一对一的精致拍摄服务也是必不可少的因素。在整 个拍摄过程中,我们专业的摄影师、化妆师都会至始至终跟随顾客拍摄,这样顾客就可以随时和拍摄组进行沟通和交流,更大程度上保证了照片的完美质量。

V2旗下包括V2视觉外景婚纱摄影机构,蜥区写真馆,V兔国际儿童成长映像馆, V&G薇安琪国际精品礼服馆四大子品牌。几年来,自我积累、滚动发展,创下了我国婚纱摄影企业发展的新模式。先后在海内外开设了14家分店,包括北京、三亚、丽江等众多一级旅游城市,2009年11月新西兰分店正式成立,标志着V2全球战略化部署开始紧锣密鼓的实施了。2010年10月,V2视觉摄影机构与英国扬子资本(Yangtze China Investment)达成合作,成为行业内首家获得高额风险投资的摄影企业。2013年加拿大分店即将开业,加拿大分店是V2旗下第三家海外分店,同时也是北美第一家海外分店。V2的目标是绝不止步于现在!

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  1. by Freebsd vps on May 18, 2016  8:24 pm Reply

    The pre wedding photography can be at any location, this is usually around my home area within Dorset however I can travel further by arrangement. I like to offer someflexibilityso we can choose a nice day for the shoot. The location itself can be as personal to you as the wedding, somewhere picturesque like the beach or forest, an urbanlandscape or a special place like where you got engaged.

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