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  1. by amy on August 14, 2015  1:31 am Reply

    Hi, I'm interested in doing engagement photo shoot, can you provide me some price info?

    • by admin on October 29, 2015  3:38 am Reply

      our engagement indoor photo shoot start from 699 and outdoor from 899, pls call us 9055973339 for details.

  2. by Michelle on August 17, 2015  11:35 pm Reply


    We are interested in your wedding package, would you let us know if you are available on December 19, 2015.


    • by admin on October 29, 2015  3:37 am Reply

      hi, Michelle, we are available on December 19, pls call us at 9055973339 for package details.Thanks.

  3. by Crystal on October 8, 2015  1:36 am Reply


    I'd like to inquire about the prices for the following:
    - Pre-wedding packages
    - wedding day photography
    - wedding day video
    - wedding day photo booth

    Can you please also include what each packages offers as well?

    Thank you,

    • by admin on October 29, 2015  3:34 am Reply


      our pre-wedding package start from 899 depends how many location your choose
      and wedding day start from 1999 for 4 hours, I need to know how many hours you want, Pls call us at 9055973339 for details.

  4. by Lawson Chan on October 22, 2015  1:39 am Reply


    Would you also have any combined package of video and photo? In general, we would like to have the following

    1) Wedding photo (ceremony and banquet, should be around 12 hours or less) in the same location (Hart house)

    2) Video (ceremony and banquet)

    3) Engagement or pre-wedding

    Would you be able to provide all the raw files and edited files?

    What will be the approximate cost for the above?



    • by admin on October 29, 2015  3:23 am Reply

      hi,our combined package has 4 level, 4hours,6 hours and 8hours or full day service, how many hours package you want, you also can call us at 9055973339 or add weichat:v2canada we can talk about the details.

    • by admin on October 29, 2015  3:30 am Reply

      hi, Lawson,
      1) do you want to pre-wedding photo first, and how many location you want?
      2)our combination of wedding day 12 hours(wedding photo and video) approximate 3299
      3)pre-wedding start from 899

  5. by CK on October 26, 2015  8:11 pm Reply


  6. by Kao on November 2, 2015  4:54 pm Reply

    Would you please email us your packages for pre-wedding package only, and/or wedding photos package?
    For wedding package, we would like full day service (at least 12 hours).
    Would outfits and make-up be included in the pre-wedding package and wedding package?
    What is the price for 2-3 locations pre-wedding package?
    How many photos will be included in the wedding package and pre-wedding package?

  7. by Su & Jason on December 11, 2015  8:57 pm Reply

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am planning to do a pre-wedding photo shoot for the actual wedding on July 1, 2016. This is an urgent matter that I need to get done. I would like to inquire about your exceptional services that you offer or packages with costs provided. Does your offer or package include make up, hair, and provide suit and wedding gown? If not, can you provide a vendor where I can get it done or rental service before the actual appointment?

    The photos I am thinking that I need would be: an enlarged photo that will showcase in front of the reception, small photos that will be given out along with the invitation card and maybe a photo album. More things may be needed depending what you provide.
    Can you also provide your services, package and cost for the actual wedding day? Can you include a separate cost for the pre-wedding, actual wedding and the total cost for the pre-wedding and for the actual wedding day?

    What is your earliest date for booking?

    Thanks you in advance.
    Su & Jason

  8. by Paul Chan on April 21, 2016  1:51 am Reply


    What is your availability on June 25?

    Thanks, Paul

  9. by Candy on April 24, 2016  5:35 am Reply

    Inquiry of pregnancy and baby packages.

    • by admin on July 11, 2016  9:10 pm Reply

      hi,baby package start 199 pregnancy 299

  10. by May on August 9, 2016  4:49 pm Reply

    I am interesting about pregnancy package. How many photos I can get from this package?

    • by admin on August 10, 2016  8:52 pm Reply

      hi,thanks for your interesting,currently we have special for $299. three background,60 photos and PS 20. it's limited time offer. Please call us 9055973339 asap

  11. by Valerie on October 18, 2017  1:43 pm Reply

    Hi, Do you all have pre wedding photography in china?

  12. by Vivian on February 22, 2018  9:43 am Reply

    Hi guys!

    I am Vivian from Hong Kong. Me and my boyfriend are planning to have our pre-wedding photo taken in Toronto, and would like to request for your service.

    May I know all the package and price for the service, for both 1 to 2 days of service?
    We would like to take the photos around 22 May to 25 May.

    Best Regards,
    Vivian Lau

  13. by Jessica on May 20, 2018  4:01 am Reply

    I'd like to find out prices for wedding day photos. Also, do you do videos as well?


    • by admin on May 20, 2018  5:23 am Reply

      Yes, we do both video and photography, all day package starting at 3299. Please contact us 9055973339 for details.

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